Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Begins- we survived the first week.

So I will admit was a little nervous about summer starting because 3 kids all day with just one mommy (me) has it's ups and downs and moments of pure insanity. However, we had a pretty good first week. We stayed home Tuesday and rested from our big weekend, but by Wednesday we were ready to get out, but Saylor had been up the night before with an upset stomach and so we again stayed in. Thursday we finally got out and met some friends at the Aquarium and Biopark which was super fun and relaxing. Strider and his friend were really excited about the fish and the older kids loved the butterfly pavilion (a building in which you walk through and millions of butterflies fly around, but forget the butterflies-they all found a snail and took their turns passing the poor thing around for a while and had a great time). We went to an awesome pizza place downtown called Saggios and ate lunch and called it a day. After all of us took a much needed nap the children went to the circus with my husbands parents which left Strider and I home all by ourselves. After dinner and a bath he was ready for bed. So I did what any mother loves to do I enjoyed a peaceful night all to myself. Ahhh!
I am planning on taking many outings this summer and will be posting some fun crafts and activities as well. Let me know if you want to join us!

Yes they are all the same ages and yes they are all adorable.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy weekend-thanks for the memories.

Showing her "sign" aka 3 years!

-Friday was Saylor's 3rd birthday she is getting so big and as always her personality is too.  She said she wanted to go out for a birthday lunch, but we decided to make it a big celebration and celebrate her birthday and Sky's last day of kindergarten at the same time and we decided on dinner.  We went out to Bucca de Beppo!  It was awesome and way too much food, but both of the kids were happy and ate well.  While we were eating, Sky burst into tears and said he missed kindergarten and he would miss all his friends and teachers and of course I had to fight back tears because I myself was having a hard time coming to terms with him leaving kindergarten as well, but after my mother and I explained that he would eventually be returning to school he finished his dinner and we had a great night.  

Sky's last day.

Outside Bucca.

Strider enjoying dinner.

- Saturday was Saylor's Princess Party.  

Prettiest Princess EVER!

I had made a princess cake with the help of my sister the night before which took a while and didn't come out anything like the picture, but Saylor loved it and that's what counts right?  She wore a princess dress of course and ended up with some great gifts.  My mother got her a bitty baby (American Girl Doll) with 2 changes of clothes as well as bottle and bib and she fell in love and named it Lilybryan!  We got her a trike and she got some really awesome outfits.   Thanks to everyone for the presents.  The party was fun and went off without a hitch.  

The "castle" Cake

Baby LilyBryan.
Princess Jump!

-Sunday was Saylor's friend Audrey's birthday party and we had a great time there as well.  It is always cute to watch how children interact with each other.

At Audrey's Birthday!

- Monday is Memorial Day and we had a pretty take it easy day.  The kids played with Saylor's new toys and layed low until after nap when it was time to go to my mom and dad's house for swimming and BBQ!  They swam and then the weather turned nasty so we went in and ate some delicious food.  We all had a great time and the poor baby was super exhausted and passed out immediately fell asleep after his bath tonight.  

Goggley Eyes!
Grandma's !

It was a great weekend full of memories I love my kids and I can't believe what wonderful little people they are becoming.  I am still having a hard time with Sky going to first grade I feel like the time has just slipped by me and it is hard to think back and remember his baby years.  I am hanging onto every baby moment with Strider because I know how fast time flies and it seems like yesterday they were all babies and now they are 5 , 3 and 9 months.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Saylor Jean!!

Happy 3rd Birthday!! You are the best daughter I could have asked for.  A gift from God.  Everyday you make me laugh, everyday you present me with new challenges and I love you so much!  Hope you have the best 3rd birthday!
Your mother,

Newborn Baby Girl

One Year old!

Two Years Old!!
My almost 3 year old!!!

I'M BACK!!- you can't get rid of me that easy!

I know I was totally lame and didn't write but hey... I plead 3 children and one husband working horrible hours.  It has been a great fall, winter and Spring and I have nothing else to say except "where did the time go?".  It seems only yesterday I was taking Sky to his first day of kindergarten and now tomorrow is his last day of his kindergarten career.  I welled up with tears yesterday when I went to his class' "Celebration of Kindergarten" when the kids came out singing "what a wonderful world" and I couldn't help remember my wedding day and watching my kids walk down the isle through a crack in the door to that very song- Saylor was only a baby and she will be 3 tomorrow.  Strider is 9 months old and full of his own little personality.  He loves to growl and yell at the top of his lungs when he feels like he needs to be involved in the craziness of our household.  He does not ever want to crawl and makes it very clear to all of us although he is pretty sturdy on his feet. Who knows maybe he'll skip it altogether.  I just became the proud owner of a mommy van-Thank God!! It took my husband some convincing and lots of leg work and researching on my part but I finally got a van that fits our family and we actually are paying the same for a car that has less miles so it all works out in the end right? I started my own business with my dad and although I have not done much this week it is going fairly well and I am hoping to make Chris a stay at home and help mommy husband within a year or hopefully sooner!!!  I am still trying to lose weight but we all know how that goes.  I will blog more but for now just post some recent pics of my kids!