Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Begins- we survived the first week.

So I will admit was a little nervous about summer starting because 3 kids all day with just one mommy (me) has it's ups and downs and moments of pure insanity. However, we had a pretty good first week. We stayed home Tuesday and rested from our big weekend, but by Wednesday we were ready to get out, but Saylor had been up the night before with an upset stomach and so we again stayed in. Thursday we finally got out and met some friends at the Aquarium and Biopark which was super fun and relaxing. Strider and his friend were really excited about the fish and the older kids loved the butterfly pavilion (a building in which you walk through and millions of butterflies fly around, but forget the butterflies-they all found a snail and took their turns passing the poor thing around for a while and had a great time). We went to an awesome pizza place downtown called Saggios and ate lunch and called it a day. After all of us took a much needed nap the children went to the circus with my husbands parents which left Strider and I home all by ourselves. After dinner and a bath he was ready for bed. So I did what any mother loves to do I enjoyed a peaceful night all to myself. Ahhh!
I am planning on taking many outings this summer and will be posting some fun crafts and activities as well. Let me know if you want to join us!

Yes they are all the same ages and yes they are all adorable.

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Felicia said...

It looks like they all had a blast!!! It is ALWAYS good to get out of the house some isn't it!