Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

He is so proud of himself sitting in the tub like a big boy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

LTD Chix Review and Giveaway!

Contest closed! Congrats to the Jacobson Family!
I think I have found by far the best mommy shirts ever! LTD Chix aka "living the dream" says it all with their hilariously funny and fun to wear mom shirts. I have often told myself amidst the chaos of my household "I have to laugh because it really is the best medicine and it definitely gets me through some of those hectic days! LTD Chix offers "fun apparel for on-the-go moms with a sense of humor" and I myself am one. I was super excited to receive a laundry mom tee to review and have worn it 2 times since- it fits great, washes great and has gotten a lot of laughs and compliments as well. Check out LTD Chix great site and I bet you will find more than one shirt you can relate to. In addition to the laundry mom tee my other personal favorite is the "Referee" mom shirt because that seems to be all I have been doing this summer. I also love the multi-tasking mom tee, and the happy hour mom tank top too. I want them all! There are so many great designs and graphics and they come in all sizes and colors they have a new "shopping mom" reusable grocery bag that I have added to my must have list! These shirts make great gifts and I know lots of moms that could all use a good shirt and a good laugh.
LTD Chix is giving While They Nap readers a chance to win a shirt from their great site!
Here's how to enter:
Head over to LTD Chixand comment about your favorite shirt.
Extra Entries:
1. Follow While They Nap on blogger.
2. Twitter this post and link it here.
3. Check out the Ltd chix blog and tell them you heard about them here.
4. Blog about this post and link it here.
5. Name a funny mommy moment you've had.
6. 5 extra entries -Make a purchase on LTD Chix and email me the receipt.
7. Comment on one of my other blog posts.
8. Grab my new button and add it to your sidebar.
Good Luck- this contest will end August 12th @ 11:59 pm winner will be notified by email so be sure to leave one.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Earth Baby Organics Review

So being an organic mommy I have had a hard time finding baby skin care products that I like and an even harder time finding sunscreen that doesn't make Strider break out. I looked around some local stores and some shops on the internet and finally found a great site with great products called Earth Baby Organics. They offer amazing sunscreen as well as great baby bath and diapering products. Strider has extremely sensitive skin and had a chance to review the baby sun n' fun sunscreen and he didn't get any skin irritation at all-yeah! We also reviewed the baby Playful Sudzz Bath Gel-it smells so great and the kids love the bubbles, I love the fact that it is organic, pediatrician recommended, and hypoallergenic! If you are in the market for great baby skincare products then Earth Baby Organics is the place for you! They use an award winning technology called oleosphere that "allows targeted delivery of natural nutrients in safflower oil in the skin." -it feels great. All of their other products look really amazing and they have a great motto too "organic goodness from mother earth"-can't beat that!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!-Aloha baby boy.

Strider's Birthday Invitation for his 1 year old Luau Party! Can't believe he is almost a year.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Blend Tees Review and Giveaway!

This contest is closed thank you to everyone for entering.
The winner is: Mermaid-Spark who said...
I'd choose the Baby Blend Natural Tees - Beach Cruiser in 4T!

Love adorable baby tees with even more adorable little sayings-? Then Baby Blend Tees is definitely the place for you. They offer all organic cotton shirts for babies and toddlers and all of their shirts are simply adorable. Check out their T-Shirt Cafe for all of their designs and your baby will look amazing. I love them all! Baby Blend Tees is a great place to shop for baby gifts and for your own little guy or gal. Like what you see head over to Baby Blend Tees and shop away!

Baby Blend Tees is offering While They Nap readers a chance to win a shirt of their choice.
Here's how to enter:
Head over to Baby Blend Tees and tell me the shirt you would like to win. This is mandatory to enter.
Extra Entries:
1. Twitter this post and link it here.
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4. Blog about this post and link it here.
5. For 5 Extra entries: make a purchase from Baby Blend Tees and email me the receipt

Good Luck! This contest will end on August 1st at 11:59 pm.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Love You Trendy Tadpole.

I recently won a T-shirt for my baby from Mad Em's Bloggity Blog from this awesome place called The Trendy Tadpoleand fell in love with the site and their awesome shirts. Strider was born into a family of Johnny Cash lovers and happens to be named for him too, so of course The Boy In Black Shirt was the obvious choice for him was -so cute and comfy and he looks so handsome in it if I do say so myself. After winning him that shirt I went over to The Trendy Tadpolesite and ordered us up some more-Saylor got the pink Elvis shirt and I ordered Strider the Buddah Belly shirt for the fall. I used their coupon code on the site and paid half price for these amazing little shirts and my kids are super excited and so am I. All of the shirts are on American Apparel one of my favorite places to buy shirts and fit really well. They also have some other adorable designs in all sizes and colors-I can't wait to order more. We love you Trendy Tadpole and all of your great shirts!

Saylor in her Elvis shirt-doing the " Home A-WONE" face!


Wordless Wednesday!

My angels all dressed up for Easter.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peace Love and Mom Review!

Being a mother of 3 I feel a lot like I have no time to myself and I sometimes I feel like my fashionable side has been compromised so instead of just settling for boring t-shirts and sweats I decided to embrace my inner and outer mommy and shopped around for some cute mom tees. That's when I found PEACELOVEMOM ! They specialize in T-shirts that help moms express themselves through awesome t-shirts. I was given this Black Grateful Mom Burnout Tee to review and I absolutely love it and I must say it does express my feelings as a mommy for I am always grateful for my beautiful babies. It is super comfy and the design is so cute! I have worn it and washed it and it hasn't shrunk or faded. Yeah for PEACELOVEMOM for making this mom happy. PEACELOVEMOM also carry some adorable hats, totes, longsleeve tees and some great kid and baby shirts as well.

Here is the Grateful Mom shirt!

Here is what PEAELOVEMOM have to say: (what a great message)

We believe in motherhood.
Mothers have a unique style.
We believe that motherhood does not define us, but that we define it.
Mothers are heart and soul.

We believe that motherhood is life’s most precious work.
Mothers are rewarded with the love and respect of their children.
We believe in celebrating this meaningful and challenging job.
Mothers are lucky 24/7.

We believe in our children’s future.
Mothers are passionate about that future.
We believe that our world’s future is our children.
Mothers are insightful and wise.

We believe in the bond of motherhood.
Motherhood is uniting.
We believe in communicating that bond through messages of love and happiness.
Mothers are tried and true.

We believe that motherhood is empowering.
Motherhood is inspiring.
We believe in a true collaboration and celebration of motherhood.
Mothers are proud to be mom.

Welcome to the Celebration!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

One of my all time favorite pics of my kiddos! Sky was only 3 and Saylor not even 1 (the same ages that Saylor and Strider are now). Time Flies.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sky Aidan!

Yes it is hard to believe my first born is going to be 6 years old tomorrow- July 12th! Seems like yesterday I was bringing him home so small and tiny and now he is the sweetest most caring and wonderful little man ever. He makes my heart melt on a daily basis and every time I hear this song by John Lennon I think of him and cry ( I changed the name at the end to Sky) but this is a song John Lennon wrote for his son Sean and one of my favorites as well as Sky's. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to Sky you are the best and I love you the most!

Close your eyes,
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He's on the run and your mommy's here,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Before you go to sleep,
Say a little prayer,
Every day in every way,
It's getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age,
But I guess we'll both,
Just have to be patient,
Yes it's a long way to go,
But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street,
Take my hand,
Life is just what happens to you,
While your busy making other plans,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,
Darling Sky.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Okay Seriously? Can this be any more adorable?
(4th of July they may fight a lot but they do love each other)

and here's one of the little man just because he is cute.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Piggy Paint, Piggy Paint We Love you...Yes We Do! Piggy Paint Review and Coupon.

So as you all know I am super picky about what my kids eat...and for that matter anything that goes in or on their bodies. My little glamazon aka Saylor loves nailpolish and insists on having her toes and nails painted at all times so I have been investigating a better and less toxic product for her nails for quite sometime because inevitably she ends up eating the vast majority of her nail polish and all the chemicals that go with it-EEEEEEEWWW!!! That is when I discovered Piggypaint nail polish and nail polish remover! PiggyPaint generously let Saylor and I try out some of the amazing polish and remover and it is truly awesome! The colors are all geared towards little girls and the best part is there are no harmful chemicals and even better the nail polish remover is odorless and hypoallergenic (pause for applause)!!! Piggy Paint has also offered a great coupon for all While They Nap readers which will give you 15% off anything on their site including sale items. I highly suggest getting your little divas some ASAP not only will they love it, but you won't have to worry about any harmful chemicals toughing their precious little fingers and toes. The coupon code is NAP15L and is good now through August 31st they also have free shipping for orders over $25! Head over to Piggypaint and check out all of the great colors and gift sets they offer!

Here are some pictures from our Fabulous Piggy Paint Review!

Jami and Saylor

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Addison Marie Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Using ! Result: 1
Congratulations Kristin!
Thank you all for entering. Keep following more giveaways to come!

Addison Marie A Baby Boutique is a great place to find adorable and unique baby clothes, toys and gifts. This boutique is located on Academy and Wyoming in the Whole Foods Shopping Center and is such a fun place to shop. If you are local to Albuquerque you know that there are very few boutiques around town and most of them are for women, but Addison Marie specializes in sizes newborn- 4T and carries some amazing designer brands and organic lines as well. This boutique is great! They also offer shoes from Pediped-which are my personal favorite baby/kid shoe-affordable, comfortable and super fashionable. Owner Brandy named the boutique after her daughter and has been opened 2 years this July 4th weekend and is currently having a sale now trough July 12th in celebration! The boutique is a wonderful addition to our local scene and also has a website for out-of-town shoppers.

Check it out!
Brandy has been so great and offered While They Nap readers and followers a giveaway:

These adorable Two's Zoo Ani-Mates suitcases/storage boxes by Two's Compnay are super cute and super colorful. They would be great for on the go or a place to stack and store toys at home.

The winner will be drawn at random on Friday July 10th 2009 and will be notified on this blog post and by email so make sure you leave your email with your comment!

There are 5 ways to win and you can do all 5 if you want extra entries:

1. Twitter this post @jamibleeker GIVEAWAYS!!! just copy and paste and link it here.

2. Blog about this giveaway and link it here.

3. Comment on another post on my blog and link it here.

4. Follow me on blogger

5. Make a purchase at AddisonMarie online or the store and email me your receipt or tell Brandy you read about her in my blog!

Good Luck to you all!

Monday, June 29, 2009

In the Summer Time...

We brush up on our singing-thanks to Wii American Idol.

We try Sushi for the first time!

We sport crazy hair do's or maybe that's a don't!

We act as Jedi as possible.

We master the skill of there something on my face?

We avoid looking too cute -- not really. Oh Couldn't you just squeeze him?

and this one too.

But in all seriousness... it has been a fun start to the summer we went to the Butterfly Pavilion at the Botanical Gardens and had a blast! It is always fun to see how each child takes it all in in their own little way. I know I have said it before and I will say it a million times more- I love my job and I love being a mother it is so great to have the pleasure of bringing up my own children. I love to see how they change with each minute, each hour and each day. I love to see them grow and develop from day to day and although there are plenty of times when I feel defeated and want to throw in the towel- it is like they know and they inevitably do something or say something so sweet and simple that my heart melts and I forget all about how hard my day was and then I have to thank them and tell them that they are the best kids I know and I am lucky to be their mother!
True Story.

Tomorrow Tour de Dion's!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Be B-E-A-U-tiful!!!

I am not one to wear a lot of makeup and being a mother of 3 kids under 6 it is hard fitting even a shower in, but I do have a few products I do love to use and they make me feel beautiful! Just recently one of my friends asked me why my skin always looks so fresh and how come I never look tired- I told her they must be miracle products because Lord knows I always feel tired. The very few products I do use are awesome and I would recommend them to anybody not just mothers and the good news is they are all extremely affordable and don't require any extra time.

1. Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream (Target)
2. Noah's Naturals anti aging Gel Serum (Walmart)
3. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation (Target, Walmart)

Gotta love Target -they are now carrying lots of organic and all natural products for adults as well as babies which now officially makes it a one stop shop at least for me and my family.
Also F.Y.I. Gap is having Jeans on sale for Men and Women for $19.99 this weekend only and only at the stores but they have lots of great styles and sizes. I hit that sale up today and got myself a great pair! I am a hugeungous fan of sales and Gap Jeans range from $45-80 full price so twenty bucks is a great sale indeed!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Organic Baby Food -- DIY!!!

So as you all know I am an organic food advocate. I have done some research on the harmful affects that hormones and pesticides can have on our bodies and on little developing bodies as well. I have been trying to feed my children organic for the past 3 years and it has been hard to find out what stores are the cheapest and what things tastes the best, and I have done a lot of leg work. When it comes to organic baby food, it is hard to find and is almost always super expensive- if I am going to buy it I find that Earth's Best Organic Baby Food is by far the best. It is cheap and has no added preservatives, harmful chemicals or pesticides. Strider loves it and they have great combo meal varieties to choose from -and believe me he is picky. I have made my baby's food in the past with a baby food mill, but it can be time consuming and tedious and let's face it sometimes us moms just aren't in the mood, but my mother just recently gave me the one of the greatest inventions known to man or moms--- it is called "The Magic Bullet!!! It grinds up food in a snap and I have used it everyday since I got it. If you don't have one you should definitely invest in one I have been making Strider's food in it and he loves it now I can make him his own organic baby food! I have also made smoothies, juice, coffee and I just got it a week ago. So great!! Gotta Love it! Go get one ASAP!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Thumbs Up For UP!!!

Sunday night we decided to go take the kids to see the new Pixar movie called "Up". We never go see movies in the theaters, but we are huge Pixar fans and it was playing in 3-D so we got a babysitter for the baby and headed out. Upon reaching the theater we agreed to buy a tub of popcorn to make it really special and we had brought our own drinks from home so the kids were super excited. When we got up to pay we realized that although it did not say on the sign or anywhere on the internet: the movie in 3-D costs $4.00 more for adults and $2.50 more for children. This meant that the tickets alone for our family of four was $48.00!!!!!!!!!!! My husband nearly fainted but he held it together pretty well and we bought our $6.50 tub-o-popcorn and went in. The 3-D glasses did not fit Saylor so she flat out refused to wear them and even though we tried as hard as we could to bend them to her size, our efforts did not pay off and she watched the whole movie in non-3-D, but seemed to enjoy herself. Sky wore his glasses the whole time and loved the movie. Aside from the gaping holes in our wallets we really loved the movie, it was visually amazing and the story was great! Pixar just comes up with such creative new story lines that are funny and have a great moral behind them. I do highly recommend seeing this movie( even though it will cost you). My 3 year old loved it, my 5 year old loved it, I really loved it and my husband forgot all about the money and just enjoyed the movie. Our family rates this movie 4 thumbs UP!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Begins- we survived the first week.

So I will admit was a little nervous about summer starting because 3 kids all day with just one mommy (me) has it's ups and downs and moments of pure insanity. However, we had a pretty good first week. We stayed home Tuesday and rested from our big weekend, but by Wednesday we were ready to get out, but Saylor had been up the night before with an upset stomach and so we again stayed in. Thursday we finally got out and met some friends at the Aquarium and Biopark which was super fun and relaxing. Strider and his friend were really excited about the fish and the older kids loved the butterfly pavilion (a building in which you walk through and millions of butterflies fly around, but forget the butterflies-they all found a snail and took their turns passing the poor thing around for a while and had a great time). We went to an awesome pizza place downtown called Saggios and ate lunch and called it a day. After all of us took a much needed nap the children went to the circus with my husbands parents which left Strider and I home all by ourselves. After dinner and a bath he was ready for bed. So I did what any mother loves to do I enjoyed a peaceful night all to myself. Ahhh!
I am planning on taking many outings this summer and will be posting some fun crafts and activities as well. Let me know if you want to join us!

Yes they are all the same ages and yes they are all adorable.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy weekend-thanks for the memories.

Showing her "sign" aka 3 years!

-Friday was Saylor's 3rd birthday she is getting so big and as always her personality is too.  She said she wanted to go out for a birthday lunch, but we decided to make it a big celebration and celebrate her birthday and Sky's last day of kindergarten at the same time and we decided on dinner.  We went out to Bucca de Beppo!  It was awesome and way too much food, but both of the kids were happy and ate well.  While we were eating, Sky burst into tears and said he missed kindergarten and he would miss all his friends and teachers and of course I had to fight back tears because I myself was having a hard time coming to terms with him leaving kindergarten as well, but after my mother and I explained that he would eventually be returning to school he finished his dinner and we had a great night.  

Sky's last day.

Outside Bucca.

Strider enjoying dinner.

- Saturday was Saylor's Princess Party.  

Prettiest Princess EVER!

I had made a princess cake with the help of my sister the night before which took a while and didn't come out anything like the picture, but Saylor loved it and that's what counts right?  She wore a princess dress of course and ended up with some great gifts.  My mother got her a bitty baby (American Girl Doll) with 2 changes of clothes as well as bottle and bib and she fell in love and named it Lilybryan!  We got her a trike and she got some really awesome outfits.   Thanks to everyone for the presents.  The party was fun and went off without a hitch.  

The "castle" Cake

Baby LilyBryan.
Princess Jump!

-Sunday was Saylor's friend Audrey's birthday party and we had a great time there as well.  It is always cute to watch how children interact with each other.

At Audrey's Birthday!

- Monday is Memorial Day and we had a pretty take it easy day.  The kids played with Saylor's new toys and layed low until after nap when it was time to go to my mom and dad's house for swimming and BBQ!  They swam and then the weather turned nasty so we went in and ate some delicious food.  We all had a great time and the poor baby was super exhausted and passed out immediately fell asleep after his bath tonight.  

Goggley Eyes!
Grandma's !

It was a great weekend full of memories I love my kids and I can't believe what wonderful little people they are becoming.  I am still having a hard time with Sky going to first grade I feel like the time has just slipped by me and it is hard to think back and remember his baby years.  I am hanging onto every baby moment with Strider because I know how fast time flies and it seems like yesterday they were all babies and now they are 5 , 3 and 9 months.