Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Thumbs Up For UP!!!

Sunday night we decided to go take the kids to see the new Pixar movie called "Up". We never go see movies in the theaters, but we are huge Pixar fans and it was playing in 3-D so we got a babysitter for the baby and headed out. Upon reaching the theater we agreed to buy a tub of popcorn to make it really special and we had brought our own drinks from home so the kids were super excited. When we got up to pay we realized that although it did not say on the sign or anywhere on the internet: the movie in 3-D costs $4.00 more for adults and $2.50 more for children. This meant that the tickets alone for our family of four was $48.00!!!!!!!!!!! My husband nearly fainted but he held it together pretty well and we bought our $6.50 tub-o-popcorn and went in. The 3-D glasses did not fit Saylor so she flat out refused to wear them and even though we tried as hard as we could to bend them to her size, our efforts did not pay off and she watched the whole movie in non-3-D, but seemed to enjoy herself. Sky wore his glasses the whole time and loved the movie. Aside from the gaping holes in our wallets we really loved the movie, it was visually amazing and the story was great! Pixar just comes up with such creative new story lines that are funny and have a great moral behind them. I do highly recommend seeing this movie( even though it will cost you). My 3 year old loved it, my 5 year old loved it, I really loved it and my husband forgot all about the money and just enjoyed the movie. Our family rates this movie 4 thumbs UP!!!

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