Friday, June 19, 2009

Organic Baby Food -- DIY!!!

So as you all know I am an organic food advocate. I have done some research on the harmful affects that hormones and pesticides can have on our bodies and on little developing bodies as well. I have been trying to feed my children organic for the past 3 years and it has been hard to find out what stores are the cheapest and what things tastes the best, and I have done a lot of leg work. When it comes to organic baby food, it is hard to find and is almost always super expensive- if I am going to buy it I find that Earth's Best Organic Baby Food is by far the best. It is cheap and has no added preservatives, harmful chemicals or pesticides. Strider loves it and they have great combo meal varieties to choose from -and believe me he is picky. I have made my baby's food in the past with a baby food mill, but it can be time consuming and tedious and let's face it sometimes us moms just aren't in the mood, but my mother just recently gave me the one of the greatest inventions known to man or moms--- it is called "The Magic Bullet!!! It grinds up food in a snap and I have used it everyday since I got it. If you don't have one you should definitely invest in one I have been making Strider's food in it and he loves it now I can make him his own organic baby food! I have also made smoothies, juice, coffee and I just got it a week ago. So great!! Gotta Love it! Go get one ASAP!!


Treselaine said...

I love my Magic Bullet, got it with the blender attachment and now I can make all sorts of things, from guacamole to milkshakes and everything in between. That thing is awesome and takes up so little counter space!

Mad Em said...

I am trying to get on the organic bandwagon too. We have narrowed down that Sunflower market has the best deals and fruit. I love that I can get the ad online and plan it out. Double Ad Wednesday too.. love it.

You are a good mommy!!

Jami said...

nice I will have to try that market they are building one right by my house I need to look for those adds too. Thanks for the tips!

Felicia said...

I have seen this thing! Looks awesome!