Friday, July 31, 2009

Earth Baby Organics Review

So being an organic mommy I have had a hard time finding baby skin care products that I like and an even harder time finding sunscreen that doesn't make Strider break out. I looked around some local stores and some shops on the internet and finally found a great site with great products called Earth Baby Organics. They offer amazing sunscreen as well as great baby bath and diapering products. Strider has extremely sensitive skin and had a chance to review the baby sun n' fun sunscreen and he didn't get any skin irritation at all-yeah! We also reviewed the baby Playful Sudzz Bath Gel-it smells so great and the kids love the bubbles, I love the fact that it is organic, pediatrician recommended, and hypoallergenic! If you are in the market for great baby skincare products then Earth Baby Organics is the place for you! They use an award winning technology called oleosphere that "allows targeted delivery of natural nutrients in safflower oil in the skin." -it feels great. All of their other products look really amazing and they have a great motto too "organic goodness from mother earth"-can't beat that!


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