Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside.

It was the first really cold day this fall and I was frozen all day.  When I went to pick up Sky at school I did not have a hat on so my ears were hurting from the cold and so were my hands.  Chris volunteered to take me to Target and get me a winter hat so I picked out a super cute black one with buttons on it.  I am not ever a fan of the cold, but if you're gonna be out in it you might as well look cute right?  I put the extra blanket on our bed and the kids in their blanket sleepers which they always look 'a-freakin-dorable' in.  The day my kids are too old to wear them will be a sad one.  I just love the way they look so snugly and cozy and warm-  I just wanna squeeze them.  That is one thing I like about winter and cold- the extra snuggles and hugs I get from my kids and hubby.  I also love the holidays- Thanksgiving (a time for being grateful and thankful for what we have)- Christmas (my favorite time to be with my family and spoil my kids and our many traditions.)  I will definitely be blogging on our many holiday festivities. We have fun stuff planned with our families so keep reading and stay warm.


Treselaine said...

You put them in the footy sleepers or the sleep sacks? Autumn is all snuggly in her footie pajamas now and it's the cutest thing ever! Bet your kiddos are nice and toasty

Jami said...

Footy sleepers. So cute.