Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun Filled Halloween!

Strider and his 2 week younger best friend Colin.
All of us at the in laws.
The cutest bee EVER!
The kids tick or treating!

So this year was so much fun for Halloween.  I went to Sky's class Halloween party and left the 2 little ones with my grandma.  I got to his class and helped set up, then the kids all ate pizza and fruit and we played some games and did cupcake decorating and it was good to spend that time with him, I liked helping out and I could tell he thought it was special I was there.
Then I came home and after Saylor's nap I got her all dressed up and made dinner.  We all went out trick or treating in our neighborhood and they were super excited to get candy in their buckets.  Next we all drove over to the in laws and trick or treated up there for a while and headed to our Halloween party.  It was at a friends house and it was mostly young couples with young kids like ours so we had fun and the kids had a blast.  It was a great evening of family fun.  The kids got lots of candy which I am trying to avoid eating, but I am sure some of it will make way into my belly.


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