Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cars Shows CAN Be Fun!

So normally I am not really a fan of car shows but I do take the kids to some of them for 3 reasons: 1.My dad has 2 corvettes and likes to be in them 2. It gets us out of the house on the weekends and outside and 3. it's free.  My dad was in a car show yesterday at Hooters which was Halloween themed.  It was super fun.  The kids were not only only thrilled to get to wear their costumes again, but they got to trick or treat again!  The cars were all decorated with skeletons, spiders, ghosts and ghouls and one was even the purple people eater.  My dad has never been in this show before so he didn't decorate too much, but some of the cars were totally decked out. As we walked around the kids filled their buckets with candy and looked at all the decorated cars and people in costume.  It was lots of fun and the weather was perfect.  If you have kids I highly recommend you take them next year!  Here are a few pics:
     The kids in their costumes.
One of the funniest things we saw in a car.
Posing by Papa's Vette.
and again.

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