Monday, November 24, 2008

That's My Daughter...

So Saturday morning was going great my husband was helping me clean up from a delicious nutritious breakfast of homemade french toast. When all of a sudden we heard a thud followed by a loud scream and then crying.  My daughter had catapulted herself off of the couch and landed on her head.  I looked at the bump and noticed it was sunk in so I called the nurse line.  They told me to take her to the ER so I did.  When we got there they told me it was looking alright and then the doctor noticed that indeed it was sunken in and so he pushed and prodded it and told me it was most likely soft tissue damage but that it could be her skull so she needed a CAT Scan.  I freaked out but didn't let her know.  I knew it was probably nothing but I didn't like the look of that bump and I especially didn't like the doctor telling me it worried him.  My mom came to meet me just in the nick of time because the baby was staring to get hungry and the CAT scan tech told me that because I breastfeed I would not be able to go into the CAT scan room with her.  My mom went with Saylor and panic set in I started to think about my poor baby in a machine that she had to be strapped into and lay perfectly still for (and those of you who know her know that she is not one for sitting or laying still).  My mom however gave me a full report and said she did great!  I was so happy.  My mom said she immediately started shaking from fear when they put her in but after they talked her through it she was amazing.  I was so proud.  I am also happy to report and Thank God that she is fine and just had some soft tissue damage and after resting the rest of the day she was back to her old self again.  I was so amazed by how well she tolerated the whole experience she let them poke and prod her and sat through 4 hours in a little hospital room without complaining once except for the occasional asking to go home and for a drink which my mom brought.  I love that girl and am so thankful that she is okay and although she is and has always been my free spirited child I am glad to be her mother and proud that she is my daughter.  She always keeps me on my toes.

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