Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I LOVE... and you might enjoy as well.

In no particular order:

1.  Imagination Movers-  fun music for kids- they will love it.  We saw them live in Disney last year and they remind me of Barenaked Ladies for kids.  The songs are funny and so cute.

2.  TLC- it's always got something entertaining on and lots of family related shows.  Keeps me entertained.

3.  Jason's Deli - new restaurant in town- so good-organic and muy delicioso.  My kids love it.  It's good prices, yummy food, healthy food, and as close to a "real" deli as they come.  Try it you'll like it.

4.  Lemon Zinger Tea- feels good on my ailing throat and tastes super refreshing.

5.  Pumpkin Spice Latte- Starbucks and yes it is totally worth the $4 plus you'll spend on it.

6.  My breast pump- so great. Medela. Yeah.  Beats the old hand pump by miles.

7.  My new jogging stroller-  Instep Safari.  I won it on eBay for half price, it's brand new, year warranty and it came today.  Andy called it the "Cadillac" of strollers and I am excited to try it out and get my body moving.

8.  California Baby products- they are all natural baby lotions and such.  I love the way they smell and they make my skin and the baby's so soft.

9.  My Halloween costume- made by mother in law.  Red poodle skirt, white shirt, black sweater and red sash for my hair- so cute and I haven't dressed up for a while so it will be fun.  Chris will be a greaser minus the greased hair. I will post pics don't worry.

10.  Dr. Seuss books.  I have always loved them and I love reading them to my kids and they love them too.  They are silly, easy to read and bring back childhood memories.  Great fun.

I am sure there are way more but I must get to bed.  I am sick and tired and have many a Halloween things to attend to tomorrow.  I will post pics soon.



Treselaine said...

Where is Jason's Deli?

Jami said...

Paseo and San Pedro. By Stoneface kind of. So good.