Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sick Season Has Begun.

I was hoping to hold out at least a few more weeks on the whole sick thing, but it started last Sunday with Saylor she woke up coughing late Sunday night and all last week she was in sick mode.  Then this Saturday Sky woke up feeling horrible with a fever of 102 so we stayed in all day and by night time his fever spiked to 103 and would not budge.  I started to get worried because it was bedtime and I didn't want to put him to bed with such a high fever so I stuck him in a luke warm tub and it went down. Phew!  Both the kids slept in until 8:30 which is late for them and they both seemed fine all day with the exception of a little cough so I sent Sky to school on Monday.  However I have been feeling myself fighting off something  for at least a few days now and it has made me so tired and achy.  I am not in the mood to be sick especially with all of the fun Halloween things we have planned so I hope I am almost over whatever it is.  And now the baby has been extremely crabby since yesterday, last night he was coughing and was super stuffy.  He has been pretty sleepy all day so hopefully his goes away as quickly as Sky's did.  Pray for me and the kids.  I hope this is one of the only times we are all sick for the season.  I hate sick season!!!

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Treselaine said...

Ugh, I totally know how you feel! I had a stomach thing and then a few days later got a sinus/chest cold that had me coughing up stuff all last week. It went away pretty quickly and Autumn hasn't gotten it so hopefully little one won't have it too bad.