Friday, October 17, 2008

My Head Might Very Well Explode !!!!

My daughter although adorable decided this week that she would act completely whiney and downright naughty.  She has been throwing fits that would impress even the most seasoned of mothers and screaming for just about everything under the sun.  Yesterday she started as soon as she woke up and by 3:00 after her nap she was in full fit throwing swing.  She got super mad at me because I told her we could only read 2 books (instead of 3) because we had to pick brother up at school and this completely set her off.  She started screaming then and did not stop until 4:15- pretty impressive right?  So I tried being nice, ignoring her, spanking her, putting her in her room but nothing and I mean nothing would stop her.  Finally when she was finished she came to me and started watching TV like nothing had ever happened.  Crazy.  It was a long day the baby would not go to sleep-as usual and in my attempt to get my daughter in the car amidst her screams and the stares from parents at my son's school I smashed my finger in the car door-OUCH and I felt like having a melt down of my own.  It was so much noise and confusion.  I really and truly thought my head might explode.  By bedtime I was so spent I had my husband put the older kids to bed and I watched TV and tried to wind down- it took me a while and then boom I was out.  Needless to say I need some non-mommy time.  I am going out with a friend for "girl time" tomorrow and although I am nervous about leaving the baby I know I need to get away at least for and hour or so.  I'll update on my evening.  I am going to bed early.

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Nasty Nate said...

saylor screaming??? never. hope your night out was fun. we have to have one when i come for christmas!