Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cranky Baby-Cranky Mommy.

So for some unknown reason my baby decided yesterday that he would not sleep at all-all day.  He was so exhausted and yet maybe slept a total of 1 hour all day long.  By about 2:00 in the afternoon he was overtired and inconsolable.  I was bouncing him, feeding him, rocking him, walking him, and he just seemed to get even more and more upset.  I was working so hard to get him to sleep I was sweating in a tank top with the air conditioner going.  I felt terrible for him and for myself, but I kept on trying new things.  I finally got him to sleep about 5:00 and he slept for about 20 minutes and proceeded to cry all over again.  After my dinner of cold cuts and macaroni and cheese because that is all I had the time and energy for, I was overtired myself.  My husband helped out by bathing the other kids and getting them ready for bed and reading to them.  I finally got the baby undressed and put his little hiney in the tub with Johnson's Bedtime Bath and he relaxed enough to stop crying.  I let him sit in the tub for a while and when I got him out I put him in his jammies fed him a little more and he started to doze off.  By 8:00 all my kids were in bed so my husband and I finished folding the laundry, I made my kindergartner's lunch and we settled down around 9:00 to watch "Iron Man".  I was so excited to finally be able to relax and the movie looked great...  I woke up around 1:00 in the morning thinking "oh great I slept through the whole movie" and little did I know my husband had fallen asleep too.  I guess we'll be watching it tonight instead.  I guess moms and dads need their rest as much as the kids.  It was definitely a trying day, but today is a new day and is going fine so far.  I just hope that was a one  time no sleeping day because I was exhausted.

My daughter, the baby and I went to the library story time with friends and then to lunch and I can only pray this afternoon goes as smoothly.  

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