Thursday, October 23, 2008

Organic cooking for busy moms and whoever else.

So I have always tried to cook mostly organic for my family and have always tried if not organic to cook healthy, but more often than not it takes time and lots of effort and it has definitely always ruled out meals like mac and cheese- unless it was homemade and hamburger helper was a definite NO.  My husband has asked me since I met him to make him hamburger helper and I had the box in my cart once but couldn't bring myself to buy it after a quick reading of the hodgepodge of ingredients.  YUCK.  I happened to be at Whole Foods the other day and found organic hamburger helper made by Annie's.  They looked great and were fairly inexpensive so I thought I'll give it a whirl.  The beef stroganoff was super tasty and the husband and kids even gave it the seal of approval and it beat making it from scratch.  So since then we have also tried the Cheesy Lasagna and when made with organic beef not only is it super tasty, but easy to make, healthy and only one dish!!!  I also love Annie's white shells with cheese and Alfredo with broccoli.  Try them they are most delicious and yummy. 
I also made a great Turkey Italian Meatloaf the other night that was super good email me if you want the recipe.  Chris even admitted to liking it and he hates meatloaf.
Thought I'd share some of my motherly secrets for other mothers.


Treselaine said...

Mmmmm, Annie's also makes these delicious bunny grahams that are mostly organic. Autumn particularly likes the chocolate chip one.

Jami said...

Those bunnies are good my kids love them too. I pretty much have tried every kid-friendly organic product out there. Yummy Earth makes organic lollypops that are most tasty!