Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The BIG Move...

So as if right now the baby is sleeping in our room in a cradle by the bed, my daughter has her own room-she sleeps in a toddler bed which is her crib turned into a bed, and my son has his own room complete with bunk beds.  We had originally thought when we had the new baby that we would let him share a room with my daughter, but now that we thought about it, we feel that the baby should have his own room at least for a while.  
We have decided that the 2 oldest will share the bunk beds and the baby will have his own room.  I am a little nervous about the move, but I think it will just take some time for everyone (including me) to adjust.  We are planning on doing the big move this Saturday night to see how it goes and let them get nice and adjusted before we move the baby out of our room.  We are going to get a girly sheet set for the bottom bunk that will now be occupied by my daughter and a new boy sheet set for my son so they can each have their own bed and feel like it is their own space.  I hope all goes well- my children are so routined which is great most of the time but it is always hard on me when there are major changes such as this.  So wish me luck on the whole move and I will update on whether or not I live through it.  

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