Saturday, October 4, 2008


I know it sounds kooky but I had zero allergies before my kids were born and it seems that with each of them my allergies have gotten progressively worse.  I had a cat growing up in my parents house and never seemed to have a problem and definitely never had seasonal allergies and now they are in full swing.  Every time I visit my in-laws (who have a billion and one cats and counting)  I get red itchy eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose and the whole works and it is not fun at all.  I hadn't ever noticed that any of my children were affected in the same way as I am until today...
We went to the in-laws to visit with some family that was in town and my son was crawling around playing with his cousin and the next thing I knew his eyes were red as beets and almost completely swollen shut.  He sounded like he had a cold and looked awful.  I immediately reacted and took him to the nearest store and gave him Benadryl which seemed to help a little.  He has already had 2 doses and his eyes are still super swollen.  YIKES!  I guess that rules out the possibility of us ever owning a cat.  

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Treselaine said...

Our ped said that allergies are something you acquire as you get older, most people don't have that many allergies when they're little. Hence the need for Benadryl